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So, yesterday we had our offal dinner at the Dock Kitchen. As you know from my previous post, I had devised the menu and Stevie and his chefs cooked my recipes, very well I may add. The dinner was a great success and everyone seemed to be having a terrific time. We did too. I had put the lamb’s head interlude on the menu more for shock and fun value, not expecting everyone to want to eat or even touch the heads. But every single table not only ate the cheeks and brains but they also ate the eyes. Well, almost all did. I think one lady didn’t. I went from table to table to show how to get the eye out of its socket and to cut off the black part which is the iris before they could eat the fatty fleshy bit. Perhaps it was my irresistible charm and humour (!) that convinced them; or perhaps it was because the eye looked totally innocuous and rather appetising.

Anyhow, they all seemed to enjoy it as they enjoyed the stuffed tripe and the Jerusalem mix made with pieces of testicles, sweetbreads, liver, kidney and heart marinated and sautรฉed very quickly (Sami Tamimi gave me the recipe when I was writingย Mediterranean Street Food) which we served on tandur bread baked by a pretty Brazilian young chef — actually they are all very young in that kitchen, and pretty. Here are a few photos of the dinner which you will be able to see in the autumn on Great British Food Revival in their offal episode! And for those of you who want to try some experimental offal, go to Blanch & Shock‘s offal dinner tomorrow, all part of Sustain’s nose to tail fortnight. It is sold out but you may get lucky if they have some cancellations!

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The lamb’s head picked clean!

dock kitchen offal dinner-duda putting bread in tandur copy

Young Alex Duda putting the bread in the tandur oven.

dock kitchen offal dinner-lamb's head copy

One head coming out of the tandur.

dock kitchen offal dinner-lamb's heads copy

The heads after they were baked for two hours in the oven and before being crisped up in the tandur.

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