penis emporium-donkey & ox penises copy

the long penis comes from an ox and the middle one from a donkey

The first time I read about people eating them was back in September 2006. I was intrigued and from that time onwards, I have been wanting to taste them. I did see them on sale once, in the market in Sao Paolo but they were raw. I had to wait another couple of years to achieve my culinary goal and finally, this afternoon I visited the penis emporium in Beijing.

I will post a full tasting report with more pics as soon as I am back home but I thought I would immediately share my exciting, and fun adventure although I can’t honestly say it was delicious. As you can see from the pictures of the yet to be prepared members, they are not the most appetizing things to have on a table, neither at a respectable distance nor close up!

penis emporium-close up of donkey & ox penises copy

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