Just back from a week in Doha, Qatar where I spent much of my time going from one feast to the next, not unlike what I had done last year when I was filming Al Chef Yaktachef (the Chef Discovers) in the UAE. So, I thought I would post pictures of a wedding feast we’d filmed where baby goats were being washed (like babies) before being seasoned with spices and put to roast in huge pots over wood fires.

baby goats-washing them copy

pots & pails

The whole set up was incredibly primitive with hardly any facilities but this did not stop the cooks from producing the most delicious food. I can’t remember the number of goats they cooked that day but it must have been at least half a dozen, all freshly slaughtered althoug we’d arrived too late for the killing! They also prepared a fabulous biryani which they made by layering white rice with a very spicy sauce made with onions, peppers and fresh tomatoes.

baby goats-pots on the fire copy

spices & biryani sauce

Then, once they’d put the baby animals and rice to cook, they invited us to have breakfast with them which was amazing not only because of the medieval atmosphere but also because they served sweet-savoury vermicelli noodles (balaleet) and other dishes that in the west would be served for lunch or dinner rather than first thing in the morning. And our breakfast was just as much of a feast, albeit without the baby roasts!

baby goats-preparing breakfast copy

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