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I once had a lover who had the most marvellous kitchen in which he had a dedicated pastry table (he was a fabulous cook). At the time, I thought a pastry table was a waste of space but I was wrong. Yesterday, I spent my first morning of the new year with Bea, watching her make pasta and biscotti (post coming up) and I decided that I will be making my own pasta from now on, on my very own pastry table because there is nothing better really than home-made pasta!

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Yesterday, I cooked two things I had never cooked before: a whole baby lamb and stuffed tripe (post coming up). If I’d wanted whole lambs in the past, I relied on Mohamed at Al Waha to provide them. And if I’d wanted stuffed tripe, there was my wonderful mother who never minded spending the time cleaning and stuffing both stomach and intestines whenever I visited. But my mother is far away and I wanted to roast my own lamb and stuff tripe, so, I took the plunge and prepared my own.

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Here I am, holed up in my lofty eyrie, trying to concentrate on writing my book and staying warm — it’s freezing out there; we even had a mini snow storm last night which started just as I was leaving a lovely Xmas party in all my Eskandar finery. Not quite the weather to dress up so smartly.

In any case, as I was looking through my stash of Syrian photographs, deciding on which to choose, when I came across the video above. Watching it brought back memories of warm sunshine and the laughter we shared as we tried to decide which of the gadgets the guy was demonstrating worked. I decided on the courgette/zucchini corer although I haven’t tried it yet. I am not holding out much hope that I will be able to use it as adeptly as the vendor. Still, I wish I had bought a dozen to give away for Xmas .

Sadly, I didn’t but I would still like to wish you all a Happy Xmas, and please don’t forget to bid on the wonderful items that have been donated for Menu for Hope 6. See my contribution in the post below. Also, please go to the various links to bid on more prizes. Stellar offerings from all over.