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So, I had my first supper club night, a Lebanese/Syrian dinner, and it was great. Full house with charming guests, and none of the ladies wore spiky heels — I asked them not to because my wooden floor hates them! And nothing went wrong. Oh, one thing. I forgot to offer the promised Turkish or white coffee despite having it all ready. But no one seemed to notice and they all enjoyed the food, each other and the setting.

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I am finally taking the jump and joining the supper club crowds but only for a limited time and to coincide with Shubbak, which means window in Arabic and is the first ever festival of contemporary Arab arts in London. Shubbak is taking place from 4 to 24 July and is supported by London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

My dinners will be on 5, 11 and 19 July. The minimum number for me to do them is 6 diners and the maximum 10. The cost per person is £125. The cost includes Musar wines, the most famous of Lebanese wines and winner of many awards. You can book the whole dinner for you and your friends or book individually and meet new people!

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