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cosecha-guacamole & corn chips copy

The Bay Area is one of my favourite places to eat out. There are so many good restaurants, it’s rare to have a bad meal. At worst, the meal will not be exciting but it will still be good. At least, this is my experience but I do have the right friends there who know the scene very well! And the other day, my friend Roberta took me to Cosecha, a fun Mexican cafe/restaurant situated in what seems like a covered coutrtyard with fun food shops all around. Like a mini market place. Everything was freshly made there from the corn chips (that were admittedly a little too salty) and guacamole to the delicious looking tarts and biscuits.

cosecha-pork belly taco 2 copy

We ordered two different tacos: pork belly and mole. They were a nice size and the tortilla was really good, as was the garnish. If I was not permanently worried about my figure, I would have had several more.

cosecha-mole taco copy

The quesadilla was the only disappointment, rather bland and not crisp enough but I am sure it would have improved if I had remembered to add the delicious salsa that came with our first order of delicious and perfect guacamole and chips.

cosecha-quesadilla copy

cosecha-salsa copy

The pork torta, which is the Mexican version of banh mi, was nicer than any torta I had had — I can’t pretend to be a torta expert but I had a few in Los Angeles but they were always too large and not exquisite like the one at Cosecha where both the bread and filling were just perfect.

cosecha-torta copy

We could have had guava tarts to finish but we were too full by the end for dessert. I will have to go back for these because they looked delicious.

cosecha-guava tart copy

And this is how we socialized during most of our meal — seems to be the case nowadays, at least in my and Roberta’s case. We are both wedded to our iphones, she for checking her emails and me for both that and to take pictures with the brilliant 4s camera. Sweet Olle who was with us, patiently looked out of the window and sipped his beer waiting for us to remember our manners and start talking to him again!

cosecha-new way to socialise copy

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    bear in mind that quesadillas are crispy only when they’re fried, standard quesadillas are just tacos filled with melted cheese and other stuffing like squash flowers or various salsas.
    One of my favourite places for mexican food in the bay area in SFO 24th street, “La torta loca” for a low budget meal and Zazil for a much higher price but also a more sophisticated cuisine.


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    here (Brasil) we eat avocado only with sugar

    avocado mixed with sugar and lemon
    shake : avocado with milk and sugar

    avocado with salt(guacamole) only Mexican restaurant here

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    how interesting fatima. i have not yet tried avocado with sugar. must try it 🙂

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    Beautifully written! I am so glad to have discovered your blog. Where have I been!

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