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dinings-scallop chip copy

So, I went back to Dinings again for lunch today and I have to say it was not as perfect as yesterday. I am not sure why. Perhaps it was because my brother wasn’t so impressed. He prefers Defune and was slightly annoyed that we hadn’t gone there — he is a little bit of a traditionalist as far as Japanese food goes and we have been going to Defune for nearly 40 years. At least I have. He came to London a few years after me. Anyhow, we still enjoyed our lunch and I will definitely go back although not in a hurry as it is not quite the cheapest place in town. Here are a few snaps of what we ate. Yet again, I failed to snap my toro hand roll. I am always in a hurry to eat these before the nori goes soggy. I will make sure to snap it next time!

dinings-grilled aubergine copy

Possibly the best thing we ate today: grilled aubergine with a sweetish sauce on top. Incredibly delicious!

dinings 1

I had not had baies roses for years. They were all the rage in the 80s and I liked seeing them on this delicious mackerel over white asparagus which were cooked to perfection. The red mullet on the right was also lovely.

dinings 2

I had the toro with the mousse de foie gras yesterday and I have to say it was better. The pieces were cut differently and there was less soya or whatever the salty sauce was but I loved the turbot with the cherry salt on the right.

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