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doughnut dolly-doughnuts tray copy

When my friend Roberta who I stay with when I am in the Bay Area suggested we go for a doughnut, I wasn’t sure at first. The only ‘doughnuts’ I love are the catalan xuxos which I had every morning at Bar Pinotxo in the Boqueria when I was in Barcelona testing recipes for my Fifth Quarter. That was until I went on the scales and saw that my weight had shot right up. No more xuxos for me after that. Not until St John’s opened their bakery in Druid Street. Even then, I only had the one doughnut to try. Great but fattening all the same. Still, when Roberta says something is good I listen and one morning, we went to Doughnut Dolly. Boy am I glad we did! The doughnuts (filled with cream, chocolate or jam) were exceptional. In fact, they are inspired by St John’s. Hannah Hoffman, the owner, had heard about them from a friend who’d been to London and she decided to try making similar ones.

doughnut dolly-doughnuts drawers copy

Her doughnuts are yeast-raised. She cuts and shapes them by hand, lets them proof then fries them at a certain temperature, draining them really well before storing them in drawers underneath her counter to fill to order. A must-go address if you happen to be in Oakland or Berkeley, not to mention the other charming places in Temescal Alley!

doughnut dolly-filling doughnut copy

Hannah filling a doughnut with cream. While I was there, chatting with her and taking pictures (most of which were overexposed because I forgot to adjust the ISO), there was a procession of people wanting doughnuts with some arty types wearing paint-splattered trousers making me wonder if there were artists’ studios nearby. All left with a smile on their face not least because Hannah herself is as delicious as her doughnuts. She is definitely on her way to doughnut stardom!

doughnut dolly-filling the doughnut copy

And here is a close up of the doughnut being filled. Wish I could have one right now!

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    These look like the bombolonis I tasted at Arlequin in San Fransisco (on Hayes). the best.

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    The xuxos at Bar Pinotxo will certainly catch up with you, but the coffee combo is a must-eat in Barcelona. Glad, at least for a while, you enjoyed the luxury! I’ll have to get my hands on those offered at Doughnut Dolly – wow!

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