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Or perhaps I should say heroines! In any case, I have hundreds of cookery books but I only refer regularly to a few, each dealing with a particular country. Nevin Halici is my guru for all things Turkish, Zette Guinaudeau Franc for Moroccan and Diana Farr Louis for Greek island cookery. Her book Feasting and Fasting in Crete is totally brilliant, both to read and to cook from and the same for Prospero’s Kitchen which she wrote with June Marinos and which has just been re-issued by I.B. Tauris. A perfect cookbook that makes the perfect xmas present for those interested in food and/or travel.

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  • Agreed: the book on Crete is brilliant! I found a stash of rare copies at a bookstore in Athens earlier this year (at the original price too!) and lugged them on the whole trip for two weeks to give to friends. Those might be the last copies available anywhere in Greece. I combed through all the bookstores everywhere ;0)

    Now I MUST find a copy of this.

  • yes, you must. wishing you a v happy xmas & new year 🙂

  • To you too Anissa. And let’s also wish for a rapid and peaceful end to the situation in Syria!

    I’m hoping to be in Tbilisi in a few weeks and so am looking forward to the new year. :0)


  • for sure, wishing for this with all my heart. and please send me pics from tblisi. have always wanted to go there. have a marvellous trip.

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