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I once had a lover who had the most marvellous kitchen in which he had a dedicated pastry table (he was a fabulous cook). At the time, I thought a pastry table was a waste of space but I was wrong. Yesterday, I spent my first morning of the new year with Bea, watching her make pasta and biscotti (post coming up) and I decided that I will be making my own pasta from now on, on my very own pastry table because there is nothing better really than home-made pasta!

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All Bea needed was three ingredients: eggs, semola di grano duro and salt. Oh, and her pasta machine although this is not essential because I could use a rolling pin.

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She piled the semola on the marble surface, made a well and broke the eggs into the well. She used 200 g semola and 2 eggs — the measurements are 1 egg per each 100 g of flour and a pinch of salt.

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Then she whisked the eggs in the well making sure they didn’t escape before she started bringing in the semola to mix it with the eggs to make the pasta. Here is the whole action from beginning to end in the clip below. She explained that the dough needs to be quite firm, and that it needs to rest for a few minutes before it is divided and passed through the machine. As you can see, she adjusted the space between the rollers in between each rolling out and she made sure the pasta was well floured so that it did not stick to the rollers.

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That day she made quadrucci (squares but rather irregular ones) and tagliatelle but I didn’t have any. We were having the traditional zampone and lentils for lunch to usher in the new year.

However, she had made pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale a few days before and I can assure you the pasta was much nicer than it looks in my rather sad picture! The light was not very good. So, here it is. My only two new year’s resolutions for 2012. One is to buy a pastry table and the other is to make my own pasta!

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And the third is to go back to the lovely house by the sea and Bea’s cooking as soon as I can, and of course as soon as I am invited again!

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