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When she sold her house and collection, Anissa imagined replacing her then cluttered kitchen with a large, airy minimalist one where she could also have a dining room and study. She was fortunate enough to be able to realise her vision and it was in this wonderful space that she spent much of her time developing and testing recipes for concepts she consults on and organising tastings, not to mention the many recipes she has tested, and still tests for her books and blog posts. In 2014 she sold her loft to buy a piece of land in western Sicily, just below Erice, where she plans to convert the ruin that is already there into a teaching kitchen.

Anissa used to host Arab supper club nights in her loft kitchen every now and then, according to her travel schedule and other work commitments. It all started in the summer of 2011, when Anissa decided to host a few Arab supper club nights to coincide with Shubbak (meaning window in Arabic and first ever festival of contemporary Arab arts in London). The evenings were a great success and Anissa decided to continue with them.

The maximum number of diners was 10 and the meals were normally served with Chateau Musar wines, the most famous of Lebanese wines and winner of many awards. Now that she is more in Sicily or traveling than in London, she has stopped these and will eventually host cooking classes and suppers once her teaching kitchen is ready.

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