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Which is great news! But the better news is that it is in the heart of Soho, right alongside the few remaining sex establishments. So, while I am shopping for great vegetables and fruit, delicious salame and cheese, seriously tasty tomatoes and many other excellent produce, I can observe the seedy life of those who run these places, and with a bit of luck, I can glimpse what type of men (or perhaps women) still go there in the age of free porn on the net.

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It is my new favourite market. I love what Henrietta is doing, and I love the area. After I’m finished with my morning shopping, I have several options: dim sum at Yauatcha or Imperial China, or matcha and Japanese sweets at Minamoto Kitchoan, or noodles at Baozi Inn, or at Koya which I haven’t tried yet but the place looks sweet and everyone says their noodles are great. See you there next Saturday?

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Food Lovers Market Soho

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