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Here we go again, another month and another belly dancer. This time I am taking you to Iran, before the Islamic revolution when Iranians were able to enjoy life without restrictions and when they made fun films and not films where nothing happens for two hours. Of course, I am exaggerating and not being entirely serious but I nearly died of boredom watching Kiarostami‘s A Taste of Cherry. And I like bleak films and remember spending 7 hours (in two sittings!) engrossed in a Roumanian film (I think) set in a rainy village with the saddest characters ever. Sadly, I can’t remember the name. Anyhow, this month’s dancer is not as good as my previous ones but I love the absurdity of the scene, and I love how she lets her breasts have a life of their own. I also love the arrival of the children to an entertainment that is not quite suitable, at least not when she is jiggling her attributes!

Ps. Just had a comment from a lovely Norwegian blogger telling me the title of my never ending Eastern European film, Sátántangó. It is Hungarian and not Roumanian and it may go on forever but it is brilliant; and the opening scene, with the papers blowing in the wind, is beautiful.

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    Captivating! Her breasts are indeed lively – I think the shiny dangly bits on her bra add to the impression of their independence. I don’t think this is inappropriate for children, A wee bit risque, perhaps, but this is a resplendent woman. As is the slim brunette in the audience – ah, to enjoy Tehran before the religious reactionaries doused its lights.

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    i know. too sad…

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    Found your blog and have almost not had a look at it yet – but might it be that the film you are speaking about is Satántango? I have not seen it myself but my sister told me about it and it sounds like that. 🙂 Now, I´ll have a closer look at your blog. 🙂

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    you are brilliant. it is. shame they don’t have a trailer on imdb. the opening scene is brilliant with papers blowing in the wind, i think in an empty street. thanks for letting me know. and plse thank your sister. i will add a note to the post. love your blog btw. so pretty. shame i can’t read it 🙂

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