Well, a little later than I should, I am back with my belly dancer of the month and this time, she is not wearing the regular revealing costume but rather a chic evening gown that hugs her figure with the obligatory scarf on her hips. This is how elegant Arab ladies belly dance at parties or weddings. I think I am the only Arab lady who doesn’t know how to shake her hips which is a shame as I would have loved to have a man pull me to him with his cane the way Rushdy Abaza does to Na3ima Akef at the beginning of the clip! Anyhow, she was in her days one of the top movie star dancers in Egypt, not only belly dancing but also tap and other dancing. She is cute and sexy at the same time, and she moves beautifully without ever looking vulgar despite Abaza’s obvious desire for her. I hope you enjoy them both as much as I did when I was deciding which dancer to give you this month!



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  • So beautiful! If only I could dance like her. I look like I’ve got ants in my pants when I attempt to belly dance.
    And, it’s really nice to see an old Egyptian film like this. A welcome break from the reality of what the country (my mother land) has become.


  • Na3ima Akef was a very good friend of my dad (my mom told me!) She and her family were really nice people Mom says. When she died my dad was very sad.

  • wow, how wonderful that your father knew her and am not surprised he was sad. she must have been delightful

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