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It’s that time again when I give you my belly dancer of the month, which may come as a relief after my penis eating adventures although not from the adorable baby being fed noodles while the whole family coos at his every mouthful, us too I may add. Anyhow, Suheir Zaki, illustrates perfectly why I hated belly dancing when I was young. She was fat and rather vulgar and over made-up, at least in comparison to my heroines of the moment, in particular Francoise Hardy. Still, she dances well and the fixed smile and excess flesh on the hips are mesmerizing. And I love the 1970’s set, or perhaps it is a 1960’s one.

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    ??? I had a “dafuq” moment when I read your quote about her beign fat while searching her on google–how is she fat???? her waist is tiny!!! curves do not necessarily mean fat -.- I am sooo jealous of her body, her fat is in the right places. I’m not even saying this to be all “all body types are beautiful, accept my fatness bla bla bla”–I’m vewry critical myself–but she is NOT fat, she has perfect curves.

    I also don’t find her vulgar, especially compared to Nagwa Fouad haha

    I don’t know, I’m just really surprised by your impression of her–like two people getting completely opposite vibes.

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