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It’s been a while since I gave you my belly dancer of the month. Too much traveling and too many different things to work on but my life has been a little more relaxed recently and here is my choice for this month, a resplendant Samia Gamal who with Tahiya Carioca, is my other favourite belly dancer. And like Tahiya, she avoids being vulgar despite the suggestiveness of her movements. Every time I watch her I wonder how her jaws don’t ache with that wide fixed smile she has throughout her dances. She is very young in this clip taken from a 1954 film called Raqsat al-Weda’. The choreography and set are delightful, her body and movements absolutely gorgeous and the characters watching her very amusing despite some tragic expressions! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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    Dear Ms. Anissa Helou
    I have your book on Lebanese Cuisine, bought in London when I was living there, back in the 90s. As I was checking recipes, I came across with a beautiful passage, of children waiting mother and grandmother finishing the preparation of Kibbe Nayeh. I like to think that, possibly, at the same period, in the other side of the world, in Brazil, my sister and I were waiting too, my grandmother finishing the delicious kibbé she was preparing. It was an unknown world of aromas and flavours that I’ve never tasted again. As my grandparents came from Bazhroum, in the mountains, North of the Country, the kibbé she prepared was round and flat as you mention in your book.
    I would like to ask you about the fatayer recipe in your book, which you don’t mention the use of yeast on page 91. I get a little confused, as next to it, there is a recipe for bread dough. I’ve been trying a good recipe for fatayer (in Brazil we call them sfiha) but I’m not happy with it. Should we put some fat on the dough? Yeast or not.
    Well, I would like to thank you for the exccellent book on LC, and say that, because of my experience as a child with that wonderful food, I became a chef on Mediterranean Cuisine (I was treined in London during the 10 years I lived there).
    My mother, who was born in Tripoli, is well and healthy at 96 years old, thanks to the fantastic food we eat.
    Thanks for your attention, Beatriz Karam

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    You are welcome, and yes a little oil in the dough is good 🙂

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