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Time for a little lighthearted entertainment and this month I am bringing you Marilyn Monroe as a belly dancer. Well, she is not quite Marilyn Monroe but a Turkish dancer who is trying very hard to look like her. Somehow, I don’t think of Turkey in my search for belly dancers but from what I have seen on youtube, they have pretty good ones. This clip is from 1959 and Sema, the dancer, is great and very pretty but I am rather disturbed by the strip of black tulle (or whatever the fabric is) positioned in the middle of her lower belly. Every now and then, it makes her lovely movements look quite indecent and I think the older man wiping his brow is probably thinking the same! Still, she is a great discovery and I hope you will enjoy her as much as I did.

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    inci birol was a famous dancer in Turkey. here is her filmograpy, you should watch “Calsin sazlar oynasin kizlar 1954”. this movie is about milestones about entertainment and music in Turkey. there are lots of belly dancing scenes.

    Mor Sevda 1961
    Kara Cali 1956
    Ceto Sihirbaz 1955
    Kadinin Fendi 1955
    Ahretten Gelen Adam 1954
    Calsin Sazlar Oynasin Kizlar 1954
    Findikci Gelin 1954
    Hurriyet Ugruna Mukaddes Yalan 1954
    Iki Ates Arasinda 1954
    Nasreddin Hoca Ve Timurlenk 1954
    Yagma Hasan’in Boregi 1953
    Hurriyet Sarkisi 1951

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