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artichokes cooking in the fireOnly one day since my return from Sicily and I am already missing it. I think I will retire there, preferably on a property likeย Mary‘s, in the middle of fabulous countryside with gorgeous views wherever you look and organic fruit and vegetables to pick whenever you want. I had invitedย Amy to stay with me in the casetta I had rented and she cooked the most delicious meals with our freshly picked produce while I tinkered on my computer, mostly working. But it was Mary who cooked our last dinner (barbecued artichokes). We had planned to have it outside but it was a little chilly, so, we barbecued in Mary’s fireplace. But first we had to pick the artichokes and not longer than an hour before we needed to cook them according to Mary.

alcamo-my dinner tonight copyWell, I say we but I mean Mary and Amy as I refused to go to the muddy fields however beautiful they are and as you can see from the picture above, the bed of artichokes is fabulous. Fortunately, I had been on better days hence the sunlit photograph!

alcamo-amy & mary preparing artichokes copyBut Mary and Amy didn’t need my help. They returned with a bounty of beautiful artichokes which they set about preparing while I snapped photos of them and everything else for that matter.

alcamo-amy trimming artichoke copyThey didn’t do much to them. Cut off most of the stem and the top of the leaves then bang them against the board to open them up so that they could put the stuffing (chopped up mint and garlic) inside before arranging them on the platter and drizzling them with olive oil (Mary’s and one of the best).

alcamo-artichokes ready 4 fire 2 copyWhile all this was going on, Mary’s adorable grandchildren were sitting quietly playing on her ipad — if it were up to me, I would give every child an ipad; Instant peace and quiet!

alcamo-emile & kai copyTogether with the barbecued artichokes, we had a salsiccia classica from Delizie, a wonderful butcher and deli in Alcamo, the nearest town to the farm. And this was our last supper in our little piece of heaven. Delicious food, great company and excellent wine, also made on the farm. Now all I have to do is find a mini farm of my own!

alcamo-salsiccia classica copyOh, and I forgot. Even the sky was gorgeous that night. In fact, it was every night. Can’t wait to go back. I guess it won’t be until the olive harvest.



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    This is my idea of a perfect vacation โ€“โ€“ harvesting and cooking beautiful food and sharing it with great friends.

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    it was a perfect week. wonderful place ๐Ÿ™‚

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