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So, I had my first supper club night, a Lebanese/Syrian dinner, and it was great. Full house with charming guests, and none of the ladies wore spiky heels — I asked them not to because my wooden floor hates them! And nothing went wrong. Oh, one thing. I forgot to offer the promised Turkish or white coffee despite having it all ready. But no one seemed to notice and they all enjoyed the food, each other and the setting.

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Last month’s belly dancer was ‘mulazlazeh’ (endearingly plump in Arabic) while this month’s has a pretty gorgeous figure, and an even prettier face and skin. And for a change she is Greek — the clip is from a 1964 film called Allos… gia to Ekatommyrio! She may even be a touch too thin but her movement is beautiful and even sexier than normal. In fact, every time I watch a belly dancer I wonder what she’d be like in bed. From the way this one dances, I don’t have to wonder for too long. I just wish I could find someone like her for one of my Arab supper club nights. My first one was yesterday and it went very well but it would have been a great finish to have a gorgeous creature like her gyrating around the diners. Perhaps I will ask Greek friends if they have any suggestions!