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china-mongolian hotpot copy

I can’t say that I am finding London life that exciting except possibly for today when the weather was lovely and lunch at Keu, the new banh mi place next to me, sitting at the window counter was even lovelier. Other days, when the weather is dull and I am trying to work, I cheer myself up by looking at my pictures of China, wondering when I will go back to eat jian bing again and my latest discovery, a Mongolian hotpot.

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I must have been born under a lucky star, at least as far as friendship is concerned. I have friends everywhere, and where I don’t, I have friends who are happy to share their friends with me. This is what happened when I went to China. I had introductions to the most delightful people who have now become friends. Not only that, but Mei, my wonderful friend who founded Wild China, offered me a great three-day foodie tour of Beijing which made all the difference to our stay there. We also struck it lucky with our guide Steven, who couldn’t have been more charming. He took us everywhere from the serene Temple of Heaven to the spectacular Forbidden City to the fabulous Great Wall, and in between we ate at delicious restaurants, visited the most amazing markets and learned how to stir-fry and make dumplings and noodles. And I discovered a new favourite street food, jianbing which is the Chinese equivalent of both the French crepe and the Emirati regag, depending on who is making them.

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penis emporium-our pretty waitress copy

So, here are my tasting notes from my penis eating adventure. As I have already said, it was not a gastronomic experience but a fun and a very interesting one all the same. We ate in a private room and had our own dedicated waitress who, as you can see from the slightly hazy picture above, was very pretty. I wondered how she coped with male customers during and at the end of meals as they got more drunk and convinced of their increased strength — to become strong is the main reason for eating penis; strong is also the name or logo of the restaurant — but it wasn’t a question I felt I could ask despite being with two lovely Chinese friends who helped me find the restaurant and once there, decide what to order, translate, etc.

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penis emporium-donkey & ox penises copy

the long penis comes from an ox and the middle one from a donkey

The first time I read about people eating them was back in September 2006. I was intrigued and from that time onwards, I have been wanting to taste them. I did see them on sale once, in the market in Sao Paolo but they were raw. I had to wait another couple of years to achieve my culinary goal and finally, this afternoon I visited the penis emporium in Beijing.

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