I nearly forgot about my belly dancer this month. It must have been all the fun I was having in the US. Anyhow, I thought I would change it up a little this month and give you a male belly dancer. He is not the most famous one. That honour goes to Tito Seif who is Egyptian and who I will feature soon but this one is Turkish and he is called Diva. His movement is pretty incredible but his straight shape interferes with the enjoyment of the dance as it is not quite so suited for belly dancing. Still, he is fun to watch, particularly against the camel mural!



You are lucky today. You are getting three clips in one. Just found this on youtube without unfortunately much explanation but they all seem to be of a very young Tahiya, possibly before she became the huge star she was. Not sure. Anyone who knows, please tell me. In any case, she is particularly beguiling in the third dance where she is as always incredibly sexy without being vulgar, but there even more so with an element of purity which is not something you would normally associate with belly dancing!



I have a new favourite belly dancer. She will not replace Tahiya of course but I just found her on youtube and I love her. I love her perfectly formed body and her sexy yet elegant movement. And I love the mise en scene and how her gorgeous body is shot en silhouette before it appears on the stage of what must have been a very upmarket night club, in the film at least. I wonder why she never became a big star. She appeared in only a dozen films. Perhaps she married and had lots of children and decided to devote her life to them. Our loss!



She is not Arab and she often starts her dances with her back to the public which is no bad thing because it is so shapely. Not quite violon d’ingres but very sexy all the same. In fact, everything about Aida is sexy, her movement, her body, her hair and the way she makes it part of her dance, even her face although I am not so keen on her stiff smile. Still, for a non-Arab, she is quite wonderful. I don’t know much about her except the clips I have seen, most of which are of her performing in Asia or Russia, and what I have read on her site. Would love to see clips of her very young dancing Indian!