live animal market-camel portrait copy

I saw a wonderful film a few years back called The Story of a Weeping Camel, which was all about a baby camel rejected by his mother. And this morning I was reminded of it when I visited the live animal market in Doha where I saw a baby camel that had just been orphaned. As you can see from the short clip I took, he was crying for his dead mother. His keeper was doing his best to console him giving him his finger to suck on but it didn’t help much. Even the camel in the cage next to the baby’s enclosure was feeling his pain and was also crying. Perhaps they all cry.

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feeding camels copy

Just back from the United Arab Emirates where I had a great time, seeing friends, eating delicious food and getting close with lady camels at a wonderful camel dairy farm where they produce the milk for the chocolates I wrote about in this post and where I finally tasted the milk properly — it is pretty delicious. Again, I was lucky to be with Jason Lowe who took the lovely picture above of me and my new best friends, feeding them perfect carrots imported from China. And what is interesting is that each camel has a different hump. I am now seriously considering the possibility of producing camel hump lardo, and all because of a comment by Jonathan Gold some time ago following my exciting camel hump adventure.