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It’s this time of the month again and to welcome a spring that has been long coming, I give you Hind Rostom, Egypt’s answer to Rita Haywarth even if her wikipedia entry describes her as the Marilyn Monroe of Egypt. For me she is more like or actually tries to emulate Rita Haywarth. Anyhow, she could belly dance as well as jive or whichever western dance of the day. In French, I like to describe her as plantureuse, an affectionate term for generous curves. If you have seen La Grande Bouffe, you would remember Andrea Ferreol, the ultimate femme plantureuse whose generous behind helped Michel Piccoli (or was it Ugo Tognazzi?) flatten the pizza he was making. But back to Hind, I can’t say I adore her but I do like the way she moves and I love her belly dancers ensemble, most of whom are not particularly attractive but together they form a charming group even if there is something rather incongruous about an ensemble of belly dancers. Unlike ballerinas, you don’t really expect them to dance in sync.




Here is a perfect example of why I hated belly dancing when I was young. She is fat and vulgar, and if not quite obscene then definitely indecent. Hind Rostom was a huge star in her days although it was more for her acting than her belly dancing. She was the Egyptian version of Rita Hayworth as you can see in this clip where both the song and her dancing are remarkably similar to Put the Blame on Mame in Gilda. I still hate her belly dancing but the clip is amusing. I love the belly dance chorus, and the gaudy colours. A jolly way to wish you all a Happy New Year!