Because I am in Sicily where the colours and views are gorgeous, I thought I would give you a colourful belly dancer this month, in all senses! Nagwa Fouad was a huge star when I grew up in Beirut and the scene in this clip is really my youth, except that my father would have never let me go out like the girl meeting her fiancé. And ccertainly not to a place where there was belly dancing. My first time at the Caves du Roy was with a gorgeous German man I met on the beach during a few days when my parents were away. This freedom did not last, at least not when I was sixteen. Anyway, Nagwa Fouad is still attractive in this video. Later she began to look more vulgar and more like a transvestite but I kind of like her here and there is no doubt she is a very good dancer!



Well, the good news is that I have just finished my book, at least the first stage. The bad news is that I still have lots to do, both on the book and other projects I am working on. But I am not letting this distract me from my belly dancer of the month, Ragaa Youssef, who was a circus performer and at one stage performing in a circus named after my family — more cousins! I love the chastely sexy opening of the sequence and how Ahmad Ramzy fantasizes about her, and a whole chorus, dancing for him! He was briefly married to Nagwa Fouad who I never liked even though I chose her not so long ago. I much prefer Ragaa with her gorgeous figure and her beautiful movement and I love the brief Lady from Shanghai inspired mirror set!


Just back from Syria where I am always tempted to buy some outrageous lingerie and a belly dancer’s costume in the souks. I did once buy an edible set of lingerie which is somewhere in my cupboard (hopefully not being gnawed by mice) but I have yet to buy a dancer’s ensemble. Perhaps next time although I am not quite sure what I would do with it. As you know from previous posts, I have no sense of rythm. In any case, it’s time for my November belly dancer who is Nagwa Fouad. She came later than Tahiya Carioca and Samia Gamal and was just as famous. My sisters and I always giggled when we saw her on TV in Beirut. To us she looked like a transvestite (not that I knew much about them in those days). Of course she isn’t and what’s more, she is a great dancer, albeit not as classy as Tahiya nor as jolly as Samia. Still, Nagwa Fouad is wonderful to watch and I hope you will enjoy this clip as much as I do. According to my mother’s neighbour, she now has her own belly dance school. You may be able to find something about it by going to this forum.