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I have been missing Zaha‘s openings recently. Too much work and too much travel. So, when I got my invite for her latest opening of her Guangzhou opera house, I decided to go even if it was very far. And I am happy I did. Apart from my various exciting Chinese adventures, past and future — Beijing is still to come — I was thrilled to finally see one of Zaha’s spectacular buildings in real life.

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zaha-guangzhou copy

And of course I loved seeing Zaha, making new best friends and seeing old ones who had also come from far. And Akram Khan‘s performance was beautiful. My obsession with food is definitely turning me into a philistine as I didn’t know his work despite him being based in London. But I will make up for it when I am back and make sure to go to his performances there. And I will post a clip of the performance in Guangzhou as soon as I can upload the film. Access to social media here is very sad!

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    Anissa, I envy your connection to the charismatic Ms. Hadid. I’m as fascinated with her style and presence as I am with her work. Thank you for sharing this adventure! Shelley

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    you are welcome shelley 🙂

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