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edible landscape 2 copy

The truffle season is nearly over and apart from the half truffle I have in my freezer, I won’t be eating any until next year. Still, I had the most delightful truffle lunch at Quo Vadis cooked by the wonderful and supremely witty Jeremy Lee. He brought in the truffles specially for us and I bought one on a whim, to photograph rather than eat although I did use some of it, shaved over the most delicious scrambled eggs that Jeremy had given me. And when I finished shaving the truffle, I photographed the cut very close with my new 60 mm macro lens to produce an edible landscape. I am having fun with this lens mainly photographing flowers which I post on twitter for Allan Jenkins who started me on snapping flowers. The flower pictures are for him but I may end up showing the close-up photographs of food. Need to do a lot more though, and I need to get better at the technical aspect of my photography!


our lunch-pig's ears copy

It is not the first time that I team up with the lovely Fuchsia Dunlop for an exotic multi-cultural feast. Last time we had combined Chinese, Gujarati and Lebanese while today it was mainly Chinese and Moroccan. Fuchsia prepared the starters, a magnificent selection of Spicy Sichuanese chicken (here’s her recipe for it), green soybeans with ‘snow vegetable’ (a Shanghainese pickle), edible chrysanthemum leaves with firm tofu, fish-fragrant aubergines, kohlrabi salad, spicy cucumber salad, Shanghai ‘smoked’ fish and pressed pig’s ear. The latter being a perfect masterpiece as you can see from the picture above.

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