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greg malouf dinner-rabbit copy

Last time I was at Petersham Nurseries, it was sunny and warm and Skye Gyngell was cooking. Last night was wet and miserable and there was a new chef at the stoves, Greg Malouf of Momo’s fame in Melbourne. Greg has moved to London, and he will be offering his wonderful modern take on Middle Eastern food at Petersham Nurseries. Dinner last night was quite delicious, particularly the rabbit in the picture above and the lamb and frikeh which he served afterwards. And before that, the best tomatoes (from southern Italy) I have had this year in London, served them with a soft curd cheese sprinkled with a little chilli and dried herbs. A marvellous start to the meal. And to finish, luscious meringue topped with cream and berries alongside a refreshing sorbet topped with the most adorable camel biscuits.

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Tonight I had dinner at Momo in Melbourne, where the supremely talented Greg Malouf does  his own take on Lebanese and other dishes. All very delicious. After dinner, Greg showed us the Spice Market next door, a rather extravagant space where you can travel the silk route. And somewhere in the middle, there is a circular room with low seating and plush cushions which can be completely closed off and where there is a minimum spend. Obviously for the very wealthy. I didn’t ask if the management supplied belly dancers with the champagne and other drinks but the setting reminded me that I hadn’t yet posted my belly dancer of the month who is Zieinat Elwi. She may not be as brilliant as Samia Gamal nor as classy as Tahiya Carioca but she is good. And I love the music she is dancing to.