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The first time I went to Taylor’s Refresher must have been over 10 years ago to have lunch with the wonderful Toni Sagakuchi. I am not a great fan of hamburgers but if Toni wanted to eat there, the place had to be good. And it was. Ever since, I have made sure to eat there when in Napa. This time I was lucky. My hotel was right opposite and I ate there before the conference started and the day after it finished, ordering the same thing: Wisconsin sourdough hamburger and sweet potato fries.

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As you can see from the picture, the hamburger is really fat and to eat it elegantly is a challenge but thankfully no one out there is worrying about you having sauce smeared over your cheeks or nose, and the pleasure of eating the hamburger would be seriously diminished if you didn’t get a little of everything (bread, meat, bbq sauce, cheese, mushrooms & bacon) with each bite! My first hamburger was a little overcooked but I was there when they were very busy whereas I went early for my second one and both hamburger and fries were just perfect, as was the toasted sourdough bread. I took some ketchup thinking I would have it with the fries but I ended up asking for extra home-made ranch sauce (the white sauce on the left which is slightly sour andย perfect with the sweet potatoes — am still not sure what it is made of; perhaps sour cream).

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The place had changed hands before my first visit but the owners, Joel and Duncan Gott, were allowed to go on using the Taylor’s Refresher name until they fell out with the Taylor daughters. They have now called itย Gott’s but the old sign is still there, and I and many others still refer to it by its old name!

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    Sweet potato fries!

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    you will love them david. in fact they are the main reason i always go back there ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Beautifull burger!! Anissa, I just bought “Modern Mezze”, fantastic book, it’s inspiring deely my cooking!! I now tend to be more adventurous with spices and new ways of using everyday ingredients!! By the way, I’m Portuguese and I urge you to visit my country, I think our gastronomy will surprise you!!

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    thanks manuel. I plan to visit portugal one day. my housekeeper is portuguese and sometimes she makes me delicious things that i love to eat like rissois and bacalau croquettes, i forgot the name just now ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I think you are speaking about “Bolinhos de Bacalhau” or codfish fritters. Delicious and truly Portuguese. Please, go visit Portugal from North to South, food changes from city to city, you will truly fall in love with our gastronomy and the high quality of our products!!

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