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perugia-maccheroni dolci 3 copy

This morning I woke up to the most stupendous sky changing every 5 minutes or so and as I was snapping it at different degrees of dramatic colour changes and cloud movement, I stopped to have the most intriguing breakfast: sweet pasta which my friend’s old cook had sent for Christmas. I think her version does not have any cocoa powder which I think is better, and even if I haven’t yet tasted any other versions, her balance between sweet & savoury is pretty perfect not to mention her marvellous tagliatelle fatti in casa. Wishing you all a happy christmas with a series of this morning’s changing sky with ‘my’ marvellous persimmon tree against it!

perugia-7 am copy

perugia-different sky from 7 to 8 am

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    Interesting idea and wonderful photos!

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    How intriguing! I am quite used to sweet pastries, but not sweet pasta, even less so for breakfast. I look forward to trying it out.

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