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Today is the official opening of Mark’s Tramshed, a fabulous space and fortunately just round the corner from where I live. I ate there yesterday. Very simple menu: a starter made of three different dishes (love the idea of the yorkshire pudding with chicken liver mousse) followed by roast chicken or steak served with French fries and a small selection of puddings. I am trying the steak tomorrow and will probably have it on a regular basis after that. I love going out for a quick lunch on my own and I am lucky to have several lovely restaurants near me where I can do just that. Anyway, the Tramshed is a great addition to the neighbourhood. Beautiful room, cool diners (lots of local British artists — I spotted Julian Opie and Tracey Emin) and a lovely owner!



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  • Are you being paid for the ad?

  • you are too funny. of course i am not being paid although mark very kindly invited me to lunch. it’s a great place. you’ll love it when i take you there and i will pay for our lunch or dinner 🙂

  • hi..this is totaly off the subject, but really need help..whats is the lebanese 7 spice mix made up of.., I tried one from adibo brands but it wasnt what I had tasted elsewhere, someone i knew brought them back from Lebanon and they were so fragrant and amazing,….do you mix your own and what spices/ proportions are typical?..ive done web search but nothing definitive has come up,,thank you in advance

  • ps..one more question when is the 7 spice mix used versus the allspice,cinnamon /black pepper trinitity?

  • they change from brand to brand and from one person to the other. we made one once at culinary institute of america for a world of flavours conference and it was good. i will do a blog post about it this weekend 🙂

  • looking forward to it.your insight into the mix and its use will be much appreciated by many im sure.. thank you again.

  • here you are sam. i posted both pics and a recipe. the proportions change according to who is making the mix and this one has a slightly stronger aroma of nutmeg. i will try it soon and will tell you how it tastes. or if you do, let me know how you like it 🙂

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