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union sq farmers market - picking okra copyIf I could put my loft on a magic carpet, fly it to New York and land it somewhere in Chelsea within walking distance of Union Square, I would do so in a heartbeat. I love the city. It is actually my favourite! And I love Union Square Farmers market and wish we had something similar in London. It is not that we don’t have enough farmers market. We have plenty. But what they don’t offer is the tremendous variety that you find in Union Square. Take the top photo for instance: beautiful, graceful hands picking okra from a selection of red and green ones. As some of you know, I was brought up in Lebanon and Syria where okra is a  common vegetable but I had never seen red okra before. Nor for that matter fat okra as pretty as those with the reddish tops in the picture below. It is not my favourite vegetable but if I lived in New York, it would certainly become one. At least at this time of the year.

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carrots & beets copy

Which is great news! But the better news is that it is in the heart of Soho, right alongside the few remaining sex establishments. So, while I am shopping for great vegetables and fruit, delicious salame and cheese, seriously tasty tomatoes and many other excellent produce, I can observe the seedy life of those who run these places, and with a bit of luck, I can glimpse what type of men (or perhaps women) still go there in the age of free porn on the net.

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