It’s that time of the month again when I am thinking about belly dancers and my choice for September is a rather obscure dancer who doesn’t even have a wikipedia entry. She couldn’t have been that unknown in her time as she is in a film with two big stars, Ismail Yassin (wearing a hat at the first table; he gets up as she nears his table) and the pretty boy sitting next to him whose name I don’t know but I’ve seen him as a leading man in many films of that period. Anyhow, my dancer’s name is Ne’mat Mukhtar and she is not particularly special except for her lovely hips who seem to have a life of their own. She also has a saucy expression which I like though I wish I knew what the man in the fez who is by the bar has wrapped in the scarf for her. I don’t seem to be able to work it out. Anyone who knows, please leave a comment. Thanks!



It’s official. Kitty Fotsaty is my new favourite belly dancer. I had never heard of Kitty until I started looking for my belly dancer for August. Still, she must have been a big star in her day. The film from which this clip is taken seems to be a lavish production and in other clips that I watched, she stars alongside Ismail Yassin who was the biggest Egyptian comedian of his time — just as big as Laurel & Hardy and just as hilarious. But to go back to Kitty, she has a beautiful body, thinner than the average belly dancer but very shapely; and she doesn’t have a silly expression as she dances. In fact, she is very pretty and very cute; and I just love her sinuous, supremely sexy movements. I am dedicating this video to all those civil servants who surf the net on taxpayers money in search of belly dance classes! Thank you Fuchsia for this amusing bit of news.



There is an Arabic word that my sisters and I loved using when I lived in Beirut, mulazlazeh meaning plump but with a faintly vulgar connotation. And when I found this Turkish dancer on youtube, I immediately thought “wow, she really is mulazlazeh!”. Perhaps even more than a little more than plump, I would say verging on being fat , at least by today’s standards. I don’t thinks she is such a great dancer but I like her all the same and just the opening sequence of her being unrolled onto the stage made me want to adopt her as my belly dancer of the month. I love how her plump hips shake and how her fixed smile changes into a rather sexy expression as she languidly lifts her hair, almost as if she was daring her male audience to come up and touch her. I know that I would have wanted to grab those hips if I had been there just to feel the wobbly flesh! Her name is Negiz Mogol and the clip is from 1954.



A French friend once told me that dancing was the vertical expression of horizontal intentions. I can’t dance. So, if I need to express such intentions, I have to resort to other means! But Tahiya Carioca sure can. And the way she expresses it is beyond sexy, and without being in the least bit vulgar. The more I watch her videos, the more I wonder why I ever thought she was. It must have been my silly French convent school in Beirut that made me seriously prejudiced against belly dance then. Too bad. I missed out on seeing her in real life when I could have.