noma 13 copyÆbleskiver and muuiko: a brioche-like doughnut with a fried fresh water baby fish spiked into it — that and Boulette’s Larder doughnuts are the best I have ever had

I don’t normally subscribe to ‘best of’ lists. I find them rather limiting. Mind you, my blog has just been chosen by the Independent as one of the 50 best food sites and I am thrilled to be included! Anyhow, in Noma‘s case, it may just be the best in the world and if not, certainly up there with the very best. Rene Redzepi‘s food is simply spectacular: sophisticated, inventive, delicious and healthy! And you are given enough of each course to savour it fully without feeling full at the end of a meal which in our case included some 25 dishes — we had asked for the full treatment! The setting is also perfect. Simple, elegant and comfortable with lovely natural light and views over the water. As for the service, it is flawless: attentive without being intrusive and supremely knowledgeable.

Here are the pictures. I am missing only a couple — I got carried away with the live shrimps and forgot to snap them before I popped the wriggling creature into my mouth. I managed to snap the dip though! And sorry for the super long post but everything was so pretty, it was difficult to decide what to leave out, so, I included everything.

noma 1st copyMalt flat bread and juniper: already on the table arranged inside a bouquet of wild flowers except that I ate them before I remembered I had a camera but here they are on a tray in the kitchen — a delightful start.

noma 1 copyMoss and cep — you eat only the white feathery pieces — fabulous texture and flavour

noma 2 copySea buckhorn leather and pickled hip roses; we were told to pick up each pile with our fingers and eat it — extraordinary

noma 3 copyFried spring onion — simple and delectable

noma 4 & 4 a-musselsBlue mussel: arranged over real mussel shells with the bottom of those we could eat an edible biscuit shaped like a mussel shell — fabulous

noma 5 copyThe dip for the live shrimps that were tiny and came on crushed ice in a preserving jar — a little scary but scrumptious all the same

noma 6 copyCookie with lardo and current: with a meal made up of so many different dishes, I was bound not to remember everything and I hope this is the right description — love the little dish

noma 7??? I think I have mixed up one of the appetizers. Anyone who spots the mistake please let me know!

noma 8 copyToast, herbs, smoked cod’s roe and vinegar: the roe was frozen and just melted as you put it on your tongue — unbelievably delicate (this may be wrong. again, anyone who knows please comment!)

noma 9 & 9a-quail's eggsPickled and smoked quail’s eggs: ate them before I remembered to snap them — perfectly cooked.

noma 10 copyRadish, soil and herbs: the soil idea which I think was started by Michel Bras is now quite prevalent in restaurants like l’Arpège, Manresa and others. I loved the fluffy dip in which the radishes were spiked and the freshness of the leaves — best radishes ever

noma 11 copyRye bread, chicken skin, lovage and smoked cheese — I could eat these every day, even every hour!

noma 14 copyTheir own baked excellent sourdough bread served with goat’s butter and crumbled pork scratchings covering pork fat, the latter being perhaps the only unhealthy element of the meal!

noma 15 copyStrawberries and salad rood, juniper and garden sorrel — so pretty and refreshing

noma 17 copyScallops and grains, water cress and beech nut: the slivers of scallops were smoked I think and arranged like butterflies over the grains — again very pretty and beyond delicious

noma 18 copyStone crab and beach mustard: loved the intense blobs of two different jellies together with the delicious olive oil — unexpected but perfect combination

noma 19 copyTartare and sorrel, juniper and tarragon: we were told to eat this with our hand and it seemed right — loved the coarsely hand-chopped meat

noma 20 copyOyster and the ocean: Redzepi has a way with the description of dishes, simple yet evocative. The oyster was cut in pieces and each mouthful was like eating the sea but without any of the saltiness. In fact, I had to ask for my own little salt container but only added a grain or two to each mouthful

noma 22 copyCaramelized cauliflower, pine and cream: there aren’t many chefs who can make cauliflower look and taste so exciting!

noma 23 copyPike, perch and verbena, dill and cabbage: a work of art on a plate, both to look at and to taste.

noma 24 copy

noma 25 & 25 b-duck eggThe hen and the egg: possibly the only dish that didn’t have a wow factor, perhaps because we each cooked our own. Regardless, it was very pretty and very good even if a little boring!

noma 26 copyVeal sweetbread and peas, forest shoots and grilled garlic: I have to remember to say that this was the best sweetbread dish I ever had, together with one at l’Oustau de Beaumanière where the sweetbreads were served whole

noma 27 copyCucumber and elderflower: they should have served this at the royal wedding — delightful and if I were a designer, I would copy this to make tiaras for bridesmaids!

noma 28 copyRhubarb and juniper: I don’t like rhubarb but I absolutely loved this dessert with its iced layer on top and delicious sauce sandwiching a creamy layer — fabulous textures and flavours

noma 29 copyCarrot and sea buck thorn: I love the way Noma’s desserts are not sweet and made with ingredients you associate with savoury dishes. This said, this was my other least favourite dish despite it being gorgeous to look at. And when I say least favourite, it doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. Just that I loved it a little less than the other dishes!

noma 30 copyWe then went into the kitchens where there were three or four chefs concentrating on just scraping chicken skins clean!

noma 31 copyAnd now, I simply have to go back for this dish which is still being developed!

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    Aah, reindeer brains would be a dish I could see you savouring, Aunty! An epic meal

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    ha ha… you are absolutely right kavey. i have to ask them to let me know when they put the dish on the menu 🙂

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    Incredible! It does have the ‘wow’ factor.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful feast, a successful combination of art and food.
    And, congratulations on the recognition for your blog.

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    thanks claudine. you have to go there 🙂

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    What I would like to know is how on earth do they get the doughnut to be so perfectly round? Hmm I need to get some kind of old fashioned moulds for frying.

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    i think i spotted cast iron or non-stick moulds in the kitchens but can’t say for sure as i meant to ask if they were for the doughnuts and forgot :). they were totally fabulous.

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    Anissa.. you made me feel like I was at the table there. So many brilliant ideas… the chef’s mind must be like an erupting volcano! They are beautiful and the flavor combinations ingenious without being precious. It’s like he walked out to the field or forest or shore and gathered his dish. Wonderful post (glad to have seen you at Oxford too!)

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    yes, it was great to see you too deana. and you must go to noma. it is spectacular and he is a genius 🙂

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    What an inspirational chef Rene Redzepi is. Your photos make the dishes look out of this world.
    What I love about him is that he seems like such a cool guy when he featured on Masterchef, no big ego. Heroic !

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    Thanks for the post 🙂 I enjoy your blog very much.


    Æbleskiver are cooked in purpose-made cast iron pan with hemispherical depressions. (Googling ‘æbleskivepande’ should do the trick). You simply add a dollop of dough and turn when it has puffed up to fill the indentation. They are a Danish Christmas treat, normally eaten with jam.

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